The investment process underpinning AZ Sestante’s multi-manager portfolios combines the strength and resources of Azimut’s global investment platform with the governance and local investment oversight of the Investment Committee and Responsible Entity. The Investment Manager is responsible for all aspects of the portfolio’s asset allocation, manager research and portfolio construction. The Investment Committee discusses and recommends the Investment Manager’s ultimate investment decisions to the Responsible Entity, as well as overseeing the underlying investments and asset exposures of each portfolio. The Responsible Entity ensures any proposed investment changes are within the investment guidelines and any newly proposed manager allocations have undertaken appropriate due diligence.

Stages of the Investment Process

The investment process is summarised in 5 key stages:

  1. Establishing portfolio objectives;
  2. Developing the strategic and tactical asset allocation;
  3. Manager research, selection and configuration;
  4. Portfolio implementation; and
  5. Ongoing monitoring and due diligence.

The schematic below illustrates the 5 key steps including authority and responsibility of key investment process stakeholders: